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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 27, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos, we've got them, "right this minute." >> internet outrage over videos showing a pregnant woman -- >> grab a hammer and strike her own belly. >> see why the baby's fine but now mom fears for her life. >> a tourist spots a dog in a deep mining crater. >> 650 feet down. >> how he survived seven days until some heros came along. >> the rally must go on, even
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with wet roads. >> and here it's also muddy. >> why it's the slippery part that's the real problem. >> don't put that building there. >> plus get the buzz shot for your chance to rennin ere. >> the video i'm about to show you has caused global outrage. >> no, she is not. >> you did just see this pregnant woman just weeks show of delivering this baby grab a hammer and strike her own belly. >> why? why would you do this? >> well, apparently she did this to show how hard her baby is, how strong her child is.
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the person recording this video is apparently the child's father. >> she's not like trying to abort this pregnancy in some way or injure her baby? >> this happened back in october of 2012. the baby was born just fine but this video has gone eye vooi rahal and people are incredibly upset. >> i think more just the sheer stupid at this. she could have easily killed this woman did a photo shop to commemorate her child's first birthday where she apparently claims her child is a super baby, in part because of her five she moved into her parents' home in the u.k. but because of
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the backlash she received in the individual yes, he in hiding because apparently she's afraid for her. here you can see the road is also muddy, which allows for no traction. and this is what happens. >> oh, no! >> that building has been there for a very long time. you see they made a haphazard attempt to block the building. >> it was. >> if you're buried under an actual pile of bricks, i don't think you can actually finish the race. >> back to this popular spot on
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the hill, i believe it's mulholland drive. it a windy, twisty mountain road. this guy gets and real quick after the camera han gets hit treat. >> the rider was not hurt at all. slid a little on. just that was quite a yucky flight. if he didn't have that gear on, there would be some nasty road rash. >> you are looking at a entitlement main. >> and one day a tourist noticed this in the waert. what do you think that is?
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>> a dog. >> in fact, that is a dog. this dog good clo 650 down, the fall broken by the water, according to specialists. this dog spent seven days down in that crater. now according to some, they think he did swim over and find a small ledge where he remained most of the time. but once this tourist recognized there was a ball in the big holes -- >> they sent rescuers in. >> they sent in these rescuers, some of whom are professional mountain climbers, down into the 50-foot deep hole. they ended up pulling the dog closer, taking a leash and using it in half. >> i would say a beautiful talk,
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baby words, i get him to come to me. >> april cording to reports the dog came up doing just fine. >> you hear about cats having nine lives but i think this dude has a couple. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. remember, it's your chance to win a 42-inch flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. >> you need to log like a bazillion hours to get your flight lesson. >> don't take it over water your first day. that's somebody's fishing on the
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deck. but this is. >> thinking down >> i i this cr went back this month later. the labor was near drained. he said 200 feet out, into the lak lake. >> and he was able to wore is and i have to be pro active. >> they are so inkretably durham. you don't even have the tape on
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in the car and you don't hear anything. >> i never heard of that. that's impressing. >> pajamas, jek. it and pan and a. >> so how one jumpers if. >> we need to move the bird feeder. >> oh [ bleep ]! ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out
9:41 am all day long. enjoy. >> this group of sky divers did take a big old banana up into the sky to sky dive with. and after we meet the entire crew -- >> they're wearing their pajamas, too. >> bananas and pajamas. threw go. there's the theme. these guys in their pajamas on the banana, they'll get the countdown and there they go. >> like jumping out of a plane isn't fun enough for you, you have to take it up a notch. >> they're riding that banana. >> does the banana have a parachute? >> it does not have a parachute money. >> surviving on the kindness of the sky diver. >> eventually the banana is
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being head ashd he had a turtle and a sense of spip spinning. you can't just let it go and even in thereto. >> i know we went b >> this is a hot ticket item. what do you do? destroy it. our friend is a tech expert and destroying expert. he's going to get initialing cord, and he's going to do it as
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a drag race, figuring out the spe speep. >> he describes all that now hears the actual shock. there's what it looks like in real time. boom, exactly in time. so when the bully passes through, this lek. >> i'm not sure of the amount of destruction at >> it was so good, it doesn't even look real. >> that's how if endless can pre
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vietd described pips that will keep us just smile. we start with one called we need to feed the bird feer. ap . as the blinds are down, it can see the shadow. but watch what happens. >> oh, steve! >> is the cat's name steve? >> i thought she said difficult. >>. >> now this is adorable. these are micropigs in england going on their little circuit training course. i think sfb at this time oun a rake on frchb so it like being at the state fair watch being the pig races. >> i want one of these things. >> apparently this family, they
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raise these micropigs, they are breeders. and they have a beb site about pet piggy's. well, this is a sales plan right here. people are going to want to scoop these guys up. >> dude's dancing like no one's watching. the problem is someone is watching. >> but then he gets busted by the mall cop, who apparently doesn't like what he's doing. >> why full. >> with why do we think a tiny breakfast helps us tay less? >> stats show women who eat
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breakfast tend to eat more than those who don't.
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the holiday season is here. one of the most difficult things, finding the perfect gift for the people in your life. the folks at read it gift started a whole new marketplace. they've gone out and found the fun, the geeky, the quirky, all the gifts you might need to find something special perfect for that person in your life. one of the cool gifts you can actually get in the marketplace, torch bearer hot sauces.
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>> we made them to be the best hot sauces of their time but they happen to be healthy. >> to tell us more about torch barer sauces, we have the sauce boss himself via skype right this minute. welcome to the show, dude! >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> tell us the method to your hot sauce garlic, from mild hot sauce to agilly shock. >> we have some of his hot sauces to try our selves pop we have powelltory domination and then the apocalypse for those who are brave. we're starting with the sultry. >> you'll get the flavor and then the heat will kick in about
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five, six seconds. >> it's probably about 5,000, 10,000 skobl units. >> now it's time to taste carnation. we're talking about 38,000 skobl units. >> took a second -- >> it does hit your whole mouth. you feel the flames and it rises up into your eyeballs. >> this is 68,000 ghost peppers. >> it's a slow burn so it won't hit right away. >> you just dissolved my tonsil. >> this is great for your metabolism, though. think about that. spicy food is very good for your metabolism. >> if you're walking down a very
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boring hall, kind of nice to have a little distraction, like this guy. and in the juken video, this guy just dances. he's dancing, putting on a show. >> he's dancing to music? or just has head phones? >> he's dancing to "shades of black." ♪ ♪ >> people are tching. >> people ar move all around this walkway to get around him. >> but nobody seems to mind because he's really committed. ♪ ♪ >> oh, no. the mall cop! >> but then he gets busted by the mall cop who apparently doesn't like what he's doing. she walks over to him, gives him a little, you know, talking to. >> is there a sign that says no dancing in the mall, though?
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why can't you do it? >> there isn't but apparently he was causing enough of a ruckus where she felt like he needed to stop. she kind of laughed it off while she's walking away. >> i always made joke about the fun police but that's real. if you don't want dancing in your mall, hang up a sign, no dancing, no fun. >> all right. it's flat screen tv giveaway time here at "right this minute." >> you've got the chance to win a 42-inch flat tv. you need wednesday's buzz word, must be 18 and be a u.s. resident. >> if you're using a mobile phone or tablet go, to the first link on our page and click on that link. >> the word is tailgate,
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tailga-a-i-l-g-a-t-e t-a-i-l-g-a-t-e, for your chance to win a flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody. >> these dudes are taking different kinds of shots at this party. >> aw, r
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in a perfect world every man would look like john stamos. wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt.
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♪ dannon. nick, time for some serious football skills. free style football. this dude an irish lab, dennehy, he has some skills, this dude has serious skills. he travels the world performing, finished second at the world final last year. he's like the irish red bull free style champ. the dude is the man. >> every time i see these guys, i can't believe the things
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they're doing with the soccer ball. >> right here really impressive. flips it up over his head and catches it with his foot. >> but there are some perils. >> he does make some mistakes but the dude is on his way to being the best. >> captured for the first time on camera. a stealthy pred pore sneaks up on its prey. >> looks like shadow puppet style. this is just the style of camera being used. >> they're calling it the ninja style sea horse attack! >> i missed it. i missed it. >> it's actually pretty darn incredible.
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i'll show you again and then i'll play it in slow motion for you. >> whoa! >> did it just suck it up? >> it just sucked it up. >> watch it in slow motion. it creeps up with the motion of its head and sucking in of its mouth, it's pretty cool. we found this video on discover magazine. it was all captured during a study on sea horses and it turns out that the shape of the sea horse head has an effect on their aerodynamics. >> not every day you see a sneaky horse. horses usually laugh. >> oh, my god! >> sometimes bad ideas become great ideas, house parties late at night when the cell phone camera comes like here. >> that guy there just got hot schott by that guy there. >> that guy's about to get
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retribution. >> aw, right in his leg! that's a blow gun and that's a dart that the guy just shot. >> ah! ow! oh, my god! ow! >> it went through the jeans and stuck in his leg. >> he was only a few feet from his butt. >> and that's a legit blow gun. that's not something you made out of a bic pen. >> why do they have that and why did they have it at the party? >> add that to the list of questions because they just keep racking up. >> that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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. >> live from new york city city, it's wendy williams. toads the cast of preachers of l.a. are stopping by. plus we hit the streets for a celebrity edition of street talk. now, here's wendy. ♪


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